Responsive Web Development

It’s a virtual world we live in. So, when it comes to business investments, a well-designed, properly-functioning website should always be hitting the top of that list. More and more consumers are using the internet to make shopping decisions, and often judge the credibility of a company based on their online presence. If you’re still not convinced it’s time to invest in your website, here are a few more things to consider:

Customers expect to find you online

It’s no secret that product-based businesses are thriving online. What you may not know is that even when it comes to service-based and in-store purchases, clients are utilizing their desktops, mobile phones and tablets to do their research first. Almost 90 percent of consumers will use their online search skills before making a purchase online or in-store. This means that no matter your business, you need to have an online presence (and it should be a good one).

Your website is an extension of your brand

You wouldn’t invite a client into a messy meeting room or just toss your products on random shelves on your sales floor—so why would you do that with your website? Having a messy website that is difficult to navigate is the quickest way to get a customer to click out of your page and head to the next competitor on the search list. Your website should feature clean, organized layouts with visuals and content that match your company’s brand. This will help you pull customers in and drive sales up. 

It’s the foundation of your marketing arsenal

You can’t build a marketing campaign without choosing a place to send your target audience to. Your website is the home-base for any email, social media or banner campaigns. It’s the place customers click through to sign-up, learn more or make a purchase. If your landing page doesn’t stand out as a credible source of information, you’ll quickly lose that lead. Using your website as your foundation is also a great way to measure the return-on-investment of your marketing efforts. Analytics allow you to see how customers are coming in and what actions they’re taking once they get there. 

It’s the employee that never takes a day off

If you take into account how hard your website works for you—targeting new customers’, pitching products, completing sales—it’ll be the lowest-paid employee on your team. When your website is set up correctly, it will pull in new business for you 24/7. This means that you can take advantage of your customer’s midnight shopping splurges while you enjoy a good night’s rest! 

A good website is a fluid channel that should continue to change, grow and adapt right along with your business and your customers. PUSH Design is here to help you not only build the foundation of your site, but to partner with you to make sure your content is always fresh, relevant and up-to-date.

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