Professional Web Development Services in Covington, LA

In today’s world, your website is the first thing that the majority of your customers see, and those first impressions are incredibly important. If customers can’t navigate your website, don’t understand what services your business offers, or even just hate the color scheme, they might look elsewhere to have their needs met. 

Website development doesn’t end with the customer. While it’s important to “hook” your customers right away when they visit your site, all of that extra effort ends up wasted if they can’t find your website in the first place! To help you get the most out of our services, we work on both the customer experience, and the search engine side of problems. 

Besides mobile optimization, some of the other web design aspects we specialize in include:

Brand Strategy

Positioning your brand properly to help convey your unique selling proposition to your audience.

Rich Content

Google loves fresh content. We customize content for your website that is engages leads and google loves.

Intelligent Website Architecture

To help your customers and Google get where they need to go with as little confusion as possible.

Lightning-fast Page Loading

Compliant code, fast servers, and quick load times so your audience doesn't get distracted.

Calls To Action

Catchy CTA's that turn clicks into clients.

Lead Generation

Engaging your audience and helping grow your business with leads.

Our Process

The discovery call is a free consultation where we get a better understanding of your business and project needs. Our discovery call normally takes about 30 minutes and is on the house. However, if we need to spend more time with you for in depth research, we may request a consultation fee. This is not a normal procedure, but paid discoveries often occur if the project requires complex programming, multiple meetings, or a formal presentation at your location.

After we get a better understanding of the project, we research your industry and put together a proposal based on the project requirements and your goals. To give you an idea, a typical proposal may include our process, project details, a pricing, and our contract for your review. All pricing, fees and policies are clearly detailed, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

After the proposal and contract are signed, we on board our project. In this phase we set up shared folders, request specific materials, set expectations and timelines for your deliverables.

This is where all the magic happens! We take your vision and turn it into reality. During this phase, we are heads down in code and will keep you updated on our progress as we hit milestones and request your input using our proprietary feedback system. Sit back, relax, and share your ideas from your computer or mobile device directly to the team. Easy peasey!

Testing the end product is something that other companies may overlook but is vitally important to the success of anything that is developed. This phase is solely dedicated to quality assurance and testing that the product is running smooth. Our QA engineering team fine combs what we built down to the pixels, on all required devices.

After fully building out and testing the product but before going live, we send a demo of the entire build for review. This phase is for making any minor changes or fixing any other bugs that may present themselves.

After approval, we move the build from the development phase to the production phase. Meaning, the website goes live! As with any good website or project, continued development and upkeep is vital and we’re here for continued support as needed.

Why Choose PUSH?

One of the biggest advantages we offer to our customers is our one-on-one continued support. We won’t just leave you to fend for yourself once your website is built. We will also recommend ongoing changes and updates as needed, support you through any technical or conceptual issues you have, and be your ally every step of the way. 

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Once your website is launched, you need a strategy for digital dominance. We’ve got that.

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