invest in your website during the tough economy

During tough economic times most businesses are looking to save every penny. However, studies have proven that marketing to clients yields greater results in bad times than in good. With the internet spilling over into every aspect of life, home, work, & mobile communications, the best advertising options may be just a click away! Invest in your website and see positive results…

1. Your Business Could be a Click Away From a New Client.
Gone are the old days of paying a fortune for directory listings in your local phone book. Getting good organic search engine placement is now a must for your business. We don’t recommend pay per click (PPC) for our local clients because it can be expensive. However, we do strive to continually improve search engine optimization (SEO) within our existing websites and any new website we construct. Check your keywords, metatags and the sites of your top ranking competitors to see what changes you can make to improve your rankings. Get some free info here. >

2. Online Sales.
Making your products/services easy to purchase online can assist when storefront sales are low. If you aren’t selling online, check out inexpensive ways to sell and market your business to a potentially new group of online users. Some of our favorites are Magento-Go & F-Commerce.

3. Cutting Costs.
Having a good website that properly works with your business can help you cut costs. Allowing staff and users to download documents normally mailed cuts postal service and supply costs. Having these items submitted online can also reduce cost and time for employees. Finally, less paperwork in the office decrease mundane tasks allowing you and your staff to focus your energy in other areas and potentially increase sales.

4. Analytics.
Your web analytics yields you results you can see. With a monthly report, you can more accurately identify your ideal customer and better target those demographics. Analytics are great barometer to gauge how your website is working and where improvements are needed. This information can also help you reallocate marketing dollars to better reach your target market across all mediums.

5. It’s the foundation of your marketing!

A website is the foundation of all your marketing efforts. No matter what you have found to be the most productive way to reach clients (print, radio, tv, or web), all mediums point back to your website. If your website doesn’t have a strong call to action and professional appearance you have wasted lots of marketing dollars and lost potential clients.

There are many more reasons to invest in your website now and PUSH can show you how to do it wisely. Want assistance with your web design strategy or marketing plan?

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