Every day we are bombarded with marketing concepts that try to persuade us to make quick decisions. Just start to count how many times per day you hear or see messages like: “Tastes Better”, “Lasts Longer”, Smells Fresher”, “Works Harder”, and my personal favorite “All Natural”. These teasers may prompt you to try or buy the latest product, but ultimately you make the final decision about whether the product or services lives up to your standards. The same goes for finding a great web design or web marketing team. You have to see past the marketing and figure out who is the best choice. We have 5 simple steps that we think will help you make a solid decision.

  1. Review websites of potential web designers in your area.
    – Pick someone in your local area to design and develop your website. Having a local contact will make your life easier!
    – If the web designers site is not completed (missing information) – your website won’t be completed either!
    – If it sounds too good to be true…”websites as low as $250″…it is. You get what you pay for.
  2. Set up an appointment to meet the team.
    – If you can’t they can’t meet with you for several weeks, they are way too busy to give your project the attention it deserves.
    – When you have a web problem or an idea for marketing your business online you need a quick response.
  3. Make sure the team offers all the services you plan to use to develop and promote your new project.
    – That is a no brainer, if they don’t offer what you need find someone who does.
  4. Request a customized proposal for your project.
    – Be wary of any salesperson that can immediately give you pricing for your project! A good web design team will review your ideas and develop other ideas for you to consider, this takes time, and therefore affects the pricing of the final project.
    – Ask to review a copy of the company’s contract to make sure it meets your standards.
  5. Review proposals, ask for references, and make a final selection.
    – Once you reviewed several proposals, consider the personality of the teams, check references, and select the best creative team to promote your project.

One final note. The old days of ”if you build a website they will come” are gone. Creatively marketing your site, keeping it updated, and continually getting new users is a must. Make sure your web team offers other marketing services to help your promote the site once it is launched!